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cardinal progression ; a mix for when summer closes and autumn begins; a nostalgic and otherworldly playlist. [ listen ] 

i. leave in summer yet you’re still in my fluffoughts - hatsune miku ii. full time job - manceau iii. quiet - non tiq iv. feel good inc - celia pavey cover v. don’t stop ( thefatratremix ) - foster the people vi. girls ( the knocks remix ) - the 1975 vii. true love fantasy ft. talk to animals - unicorn kid viii. recover - chvrches 

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ay so lets do this real simple 1 winner will be chosen on SEPTEMBER 6th!
reblog to enter, u dont have to follow!!!!!!!!!! i will be coming to ur town!!!! 

since this already got way more notes than i thought it would get within the week like on the first day, i’ll go ahead and do 3 winners!!!!
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